This is an advertisement from an American fast food restaurant called Chick-fil-A, taken last summer. In the ad, the cow says "DRESS LIKE ME. GIT FREE CHIKIN" (Habillez-vous comme moi, obtenez du poulet gratuit). They have been using cows in their advertisements for years, and most of the ads have the cows suggesting that you eat chicken instead of beef (because of course, the cows don't want to be eaten). The first and most famous line from the ad series was "EAT MOR CHIKIN" (Mangez plus de poulet).

As you may have noticed, both in "EAT MOR CHIKIN" and the ad in the picture saying "GIT FREE CHIKIN", the cows are using mispelled English words. This is to make the ads more memorable, and it works, because let's be honest, cows don't speak perfect English! This particular advertisement was for Cow Appreciation Day, where if you wore a cow costume (like the cow in the picture) or cow-related clothing, you would get free chicken.

And before anyone emails me to ask - no, I didn't do it. I had to work that day, unfortunately!

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