After trying several different brands of phone cards here in Tours, these are the two that I've found to be the best. The one on the left, from France Telecom, gives the most minutes, but it has to be used in a phonebooth. Unfortunately, there is only one phonebooth close to where I live, and it is often occupied, as lots of people want to use it. Also, I'm a little leery of using a phonebooth very late at night, and with the time difference between France and the United States (7 hours for most people I call), I sometimes have to make my calls quite late. The phone card on the right, the Iradium one, does not give quite as many minute as the other one, but it has a callback option so I can use it with my French cellphone. This is more expensive, but it's very convenient because I can call from anywhere my cell phone works and make international phone calls for a decent price, plus I don't have to worry about using the phonebooth.