Here is a photo of one of the local grocery stores (we call it "sept jours" though I'm not 100% sure that's the name) in Tours. You can see in the name that they're open until midnight. One of the other local stores, right across the street, is only open until 9 pm. And even Carrefour is only open until 10 or 11 pm, I believe. We have also noticed that the prices in this store are higher than the prices in the store across the street (the one only open until 9). This is an interesting difference between France and the US. In the States, it is not uncommon for a store to be open this late; in fact, most grocery stores are open until 11 or midnight. Some of the larger chain stores, such as Wal-Mart, are open 24/7, meaning they never close. However, the prices at these stores are not any higher than stores that close early! In general, I have found that stores close much earlier in France than they do in the US, something nice to remember if you travel to the States!