flight day

In a few hours, I will be leaving on a train from Tours to Paris, to Charles de Gaulle to be more precise, to fly back to the States. I am really going to miss France, I have enjoyed all my time here and all the things that I’ve learned. Right now I am really looking forward to having some of the things that I have really missed, like Popeye’s, but I am already missing things like Apple-Pear juice, which as far as I know, is nonexistent in America.

To all of you who are planning on making or currently enjoying a trip to America, England, or any other country to practice your language skills, make the most of your time! There’s always too much to see it all, but enjoy it while you can.

Until soon, from a different time zone!

losing my voice :(

You know what is one of the most difficult things to deal with when you do a podcast? Losing your voice. Several of the podcasts I listen to have more than one host, and if one person cannot talk, they simply skip an episode or two and the other person/people on the show keep doing it. I, on the other hand, do this podcast alone, and so when I lose my voice, it sucks! I have actually been done with my classes for about a week, but I have been sick for about three, and for the last two of those three weeks, have been almost completely unable to talk. Thankfully, all my tests were written!

I definitely have lots of plans, like I “said” in the podcast (if you count what I was doing as actual talking and not just making noise). One of the major plans is to really improve this blog. I have tried several different subjects, with various success, and I have some ideas for what I can actually talk about now — you’ll just have to come back and read them to find out, though ;)

And by the way, eBay is addicting. I hadn’t bought anything from them since 2004, and for some reason, mid April, I decided to try buying something from eBay France ( http://www.ebay.fr/ ) . This was a mistake, as I have now purchased seven things from them :p The last thing I bought should be arriving tomorrow, just in time to put it in my suitcase (I mostly ordered books and DVDs) for the trip home.

Here’s to a good return flight! I’ll be talking to everyone on the podcast as soon as my voice is back to normal again.