finding an apartment

As I said in Advanced Lesson 010, I have found an apartment. Today is Wednesday the 16th, and I will be moving into my new place on the 23rd. I’ll post a couple pictures when I get moved in. But I am excited to live in my own place again! In France, I had 3 roommates, one other American, a guy from Morocco, and a guy from Gabon. We had a lot of fun. But sometimes it seemed like a really small apartment with 4 people in it! I was wondering, though, in France, do people typically live by themselves, or with roommates? Does it change by age, or any other factors?

Here in America, it seems to me that people often have roommates when they first move out of their parents’ house. Some people go to school, and have a roommate there, and some people get a job and a place to live, and they have a roommate there. And sometimes people do have more than one roommate. About the age of 22-25, though, people start to live by themselves more often. The ones who went to school graduate, and often times when they move wherever they are going to work, they get a place by themselves. The ones who have been working jobs already usually have some money saved up, and so they decide at some point to move to a different apartment, or a different city, or they just get a better job, and then they start to live on their own. That is what I have seen in my own experience at least. People often have roommates until the lower to mid 20s, and then they tend to live by themselves more often. Of course, there are exceptions (one of my favorite shows, Friends, shows plenty of them :P ), but that seems to be the general trend here. What is it like in France?

But in my case, I will be living by myself, without a roommate. I am very much looking forward to having a whole apartment to myself!