The Return of AnglaisPod (and the AnglaisBlog!)

Before I go any further, I would like to apologize for the delay in new posts, new podcasts, and such. I really do enjoy the site and the show, and I have missed all of you very much! But no worries, because I am now back :) For starters, I have recorded the next episode, and will be posting it for Wednesday, Expressions Lesson 09. If you use Twitter, you can follow me (under anglaispod), and will sometimes find early updates and fun info about the website and the show. Also, you will find that there is a new photo posted on the site, entitled “Bigger Fridge, Less Food.” As I mentioned in the photo description, my camera is broken, so until I purchase a new one, I only have the camera in my cell phone, so the picture quality is not as good for now. You can also check out the latest version of “Qui suis-je?” though I don’t know how interesting it is for anyone.

As for what I have planned for the site, you will have to come and see! I am working on a completely new version of and will post previews here once I am closer to finishing it, but for now it is still in construction. I have been cleaning up the RSS feed and old episodes (adding the logo as well as text for iPhones and iPod Touches), and doing some maintenance, and also am working on new features that will be added when the new version arrives, but more on that later. I also have several podcast episodes planned, so stay subscribed and you will be getting those in shortly. Looking through my email, I have around 530 to answer, so that will take me a long, long time, and I will probably not be able to answer all of them, though I will try. Once I post the newest episode and update the main page, I will start participating on the forums again, and I really want to make that an integral part of AnglaisPod version 2, but more on that later.

On a personal note, for those who are interested, I have been working at the same job for several months now, and am enjoying my apartment, too. I work in computer networking, so if anyone is interested in that, feel free to ask me more. I am very excited to be working on the podcast again, and hope that I will finally be able to start doing it like I planned originally, and just in time for the 2 year anniversary of Apprendre l’anglais! Thank you to everyone who has stayed subscribed to the podcast and continued to visit the website, you are all my motivation for returning. Feel free to ask anything or comment below :)