apple pear juice

I miss my apple-pear juice :( I have looked in about 6 stores now, and all I can find is regular apple juice. I like apple juice, it’s good, but…it just gets kinda boring, especially after the apple-pear juice. I wonder how expensive it would be to import it…

It’s kinda funny — I am getting used to speaking English again, and I have not had any problems adressing people in the wrong language since the 2nd day after I got back. However, there are a couple things that have been programmed into my brain that I can’t get out yet. It’s those little things that are more instinct than communication, words like “merci” and “pardon,” especially the second. Now, luckily, it is possible to say “pardon me” in English, and even though it is pronounced differently, people seem to accept me just saying “pardon” instead of the typical “excuse me.” When I say “merci” instead of “thanks” though, like I did at the grocery store earlier, I always get strange looks. It amuses me. Parler français me manque :( It is no longer exciting to do every day things, and in a funny twist, it kinda feels like I’m “cheating” by speaking English, like I’m taking the easy way out or something.

I’m glad I finally got an episode up. I should be able to get back into my pattern of once a week for a while now, thanks to everyone who stayed subscribed!

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  1. That is true! I didn’t even think about that. Honestly, I was enjoying French beverages too much to worry about root beer :p I really do miss my Orangina (it is available here, but expensive), and of course, my apple pear juice. I wonder…is there cream soda in France? I don’t remember seeing it while I was there.

  2. Thomas, don’t cry…
    You have the root bear in the states, and we, poor french people, we don’t even know it !

  3. Florence,

    Definitely! I hope to be able to go back to France quite frequently, because if I don’t, I know I will really begin to miss it. And as for the swear words — I find myself saying “ah, merde” quite often, which my friends find quite amusing ;)


    I’m back now! There should be another episode up tomorrow :) And I have started to work on the website some, too. As for the “I miss you”, that’s correct one, but it’s very difficult for me, too (Tu me manques as opposed to Je te manques)!

    I’m glad you found the podcast! Hopefully you will continue to enjoy it and be able to improve a lot. I find a lot of the podcasts I listen to just by surfing around iTunes, too, to be honest :P

  4. Hi Thomas!
    Tonight I was “surfing” on iTunes, specially on the podcasts. By curiosity I red the list of the best podcasts in France and I felt on your. I submit immediatly! I looooove your language!
    I’m a studient in tourism so I would like to go in Ireland or U.S.A. But in my class you don’t learn words you use every day but special vocabulary. This is why I submited to your podcast!
    I’m sorry, my english isn’t very good ^^ But with you I think I’ll improve it ;) so THANK YOU !!!
    See ya’!

  5. I think I shoud have say we miss you. Excuse me but I am a bad learner.

    See you soon.

  6. How I understand you!
    I’ve spent one year in England to improve my English ; it was back in 2004/2005, and there are still some expressions that come easier in English than in French, like “aoutch” instead of “aïe” (when I get hurt) for instance, or even “crap” instead of “zut” as a kind of “swear word” if I can say so…
    Now that u’ve spent some time in another country, it’ll always be part of you, you’ll always miss some habits which u’ve grabbed during those months spent in France!
    And u’ll feel like “at home” every time u’ll get back to France; as far as I’m concerned, if I don’t go to England once a year, I don’t feel completely fine, it’s awkward, since I had never been there before my ‘Erasmus experience’.

    Bye bye :)

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