Back to football!!

I am so glad that football season has started again. Just to be very clear from the beginning: I am a huge Seahawks fan, have been for several years now. In college, I am an Alabama fan, so Roll Tide! I am a graduate of Ball State university, and so I do pay some attention to their football team as well, but not as much as Alabama. And those are the teams I root for.

Now down to business. First off, I am absolutely blown away by the success of Ball State this year. 4-0 so far, and even beating Indiana! That is just insane, we really sucked when I was there at school. But Nate Davis and Dante Love have really stepped up and played amazingly this season. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to actually watch them play on TV, but I have seen some highlights. Now, as for Alabama, wow. We have been doing better this season than we have in a while. Granted, Wilson still can’t really throw the ball all that well, but especially in the last game, against Arkansas, we have been doing great. And as an Alabama fan, and thus being against Auburn, I was very happy when LSU beat them yesterday, and it was a great game, too.

As for the Seahawks…well…we have not been doing so well. But we’ll see in today’s game, maybe we can get a win in, we really need it. Being without Shaun Alexander, and being Holmgren’s last year, things are definitely different, but I think we still have potential, especially in the passing game. Here’s to no more dropped balls!

6 thoughts on “Back to football!!

  1. Haha, well I’d say go Giants over the Broncos! What do you like about the Broncos, mamour? They’re doing pretty well this year, but it’s still much too early to tell!

  2. Yes, it’s more like “Touchdooooooooooown Seahawks!” — before Sunday, that would not have been realistic, but thankfully we actually won ;)

    Glad to be back, John Doe. Glad to be back.

  3. Gooooolllllll!!!!!! Oops, wrong football…. :D

    I’m glad that you’re back on the blog.

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