The idea of blogging

(this is mostly just an example of a post in English)

So what am I supposed to talk about on my blog? That is the question that I suppose pretty much all bloggers go through at the beginning. It would be easy for me to just ramble about different subjects that interesting me, but because this is the AnglaisBlog, should I limit myself to subjects that might help people learning English? Or do I talk about anything? I suppose we’ll just have to see what happens, I will probably try several topics before deciding on how to do this. Leave your opinions below, if you so desire.

Oh, and this whole “category” thing — I’m not really sure about the efficiency of it, I would worry that I was leaving something out and thus of course run the entire system. I love the example category tags, too — “chat, nourriture pour animaux, chien” — the people who wrote this must have the world’s most fascinating blogs, lol…so I suppose I will try to do this whole “tagging” thing, but we’ll see how it goes.

I recently decided to add another podcast to the ones I regularly listen to, that being Astronomy Cast. There are several podcasts that I regularly listen to, and I am always trying new ones, too, to see how I like them. The thing about finding a new podcast, though, is that sometimes you end up with so much stuff to listen to! Some podcasts are based on news or current events, so it’s just fine to start listening to them with the most recent episode and only listen to new ones after that, ignoring the old episodes. But some podcasts, on the other hand, have nothing to do with news or other sujects where the date is important (such as Apprendre l’anglais or any other language-teaching podcast), and this is the case with Astronomy Cast. So now I have maybe 75 old episodes that I really want to listen to, and at roughly 25 minutes each, that’s a lot to listen to! Does anyone else have that problem? Or does everybody else just listen to podcasts starting with the newest episodes? Actually, I know that’s not true. I get lots of emails where people say something like “I just got to lesson 5” or whatnot. So it must not be just me. Quite the relief :p

And one last random note — lots of podcasts use some word in their name to indicate that they are a podcast — AnglaisPod or Astronomy Cast for example. I wonder, though, what makes one choose “pod” or “cast” over the other option? Makes you wonder…

(But for the record, I use “pod” because it’s the same as other language podcasts I listen to —, chinesepod, learnitalianpod, the french pod class, etc…)

Oh, and anyone who blogs, especially if you use wordpress — any idea why my name doesn’t show up as the author? I expect it to say “par Thomas” or something…

3 thoughts on “The idea of blogging

  1. I definitely plan on talking about the differences between France and the US, there’s a lot of possibilities there and I think it’s interesting for most people who come here.

    And yay, I figured out how to modify things so that my name appears with each post! I had assumed everything was done with options menus before, and couldn’t find anything, so I was getting frustrated. Then I figured out that I can do whatever I want with the blog by simply editing the source code! Perhaps a bit technical for some people, but I play around with that kinda stuff enough that it’s not too bad for me. I saw that you have different personal websites Pioupiou, so if you have specific advice for this blog, please leave a comment! I’m still playing with the settings a lot, but if you see something I should change, let me know :)

  2. Wooah what kind of long example is it! But it make me feel glad you wrote that sort of post ’cause I have been able to understand all of it ;). So I hope that I gonna be able to respond to you with the less of mistakes as I could make. (I am still better with the comprehension than with the expression for an foreigner tongue sadly.)

    You’re right when you said that almost every blogger is wondering about what they gonna talk through their blog at the start. And I get that you don’t exactly know what are the attempts of your visitors. To me it would be a necessary that all post are only in English to improve our understanding of reading and about subjects, well I’d enjoy reading your personal and current experience as an American living in our little country because I already like the way you share your comments and opinions about the French culture through those advanced lessons and “la photo de la semaine”. It teach me a lot about the difference of our own culture and I even learn about the French culture viewed in the USA for example I didn’t know a thing about French brands sold in America. And that sort of things always amuse me. :) Something I really wanna find out would be your viewpoint of French TV naturally only if you’ve had opportunity watching some. So don’t worry because I believe that everyone have their own way listening Podcast. ^^

    I think that tag posts it’s pretty useful, mostly if you’re willing to write a bunch of it in th future.

    I’ve gotten my very first iPod recently (actually I received it for Christmas *bounce*) and with I’ve finally discovered what I heard a lot about before, Podcast. And since I could get some good of those thanks to iTunes I really enjoy to listen one or two daily. About listening them from the beginning or the most recent, I do think that we can’t make a fixed opinion but you have to make your choice according to the Podcast’s nature. Indeed for those based on current events it don’t really matter to me if I’d watch it past-due (I ‘m not sure about the use of this word) but some like yours I check their list of stuff before pick up only episodes that I’m interested with and finally for some other I downloaded all of them ’cause their release date doesn’t bother me (for example commentary or review of TV shows’ episodes by their creator).

    About the ‘Pod or Cast’ thing, I don’t have any ideas because actually I didn’t know that cast could mean the same thing that Pod. But for me the use of Pod is more popular, isn’t it?

    And eventually I ever don’t have any blog using wordpress but I think your problem might be resolved looking for some readjustments in your setting or configuration.

    I’ll end this very too-long comment thanking you for your all great job and apologizing for the bunch of mistakes that I’d make.

  3. Hi Thomas,

    Je n’ai pas l’experience du blog mais…

    Personally, I’ll be happy if you talk about differences between France and USA. Now, yo have a good experience of it…

    Tu as surement eu quelques surprises depuis ton arrivée, quelles seraient celles qu’on pourrait renconter en voyageant aux USA ? Donnes-nous tes sentiments sur les differences culturelles, de climat, de paysages, de relations entre les gens (les gens sont-ils aussi sympa ? est-ce plus facile de se faire des amis ici ou la bas ? Le niveau d’etude est-il comparable ? Comment percoit-on la france et les francais aux USA, etc)

    Thanks a lot for all…

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