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I don’t want to repeat what I said in the newsletter, but I’m happy that I finally got the first one sent out. The longer I do this podcast and this website, the more things I want to try (such as this blog), and the more things I have to learn about. Setting up the newsletter was a little time consuming, but now that everything is “working” it should be ok. I put working in quotes because…well…due to a technicality, I didn’t receive my own newsletter…so I don’t know for sure that it got sent out…so if you are subscribed to it, let me know if it worked please :)

Things have been really hectic here the past couple of weeks, so I’ve gotten behind with email and updating the website, unfortunately. I think the next little bit will be easier, though, so I hope to get caught up with everything.

In one of the threads on the forum, we’re talking about different accents and such for English, and that makes me wonder. What do you guys think about non-French accents? According to my stats, about 90% of the listeners are from France, so I assume most of you are French — have you been to Canada or somewhere in Africa where they speak French? What was it like for you? In America, there are lots of different accents, depending on where you go, and I know it’s the same in France, the accent of Paris being much different than the one in Tours, both of which are again different from the accent from Marseille. Do accents from foreign countries seem even more different, or are they “just another accent”, just like it was another region?

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