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Démarré par Thomas, 14 Juin 2007 01:50

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That's actually a good idea. I remember being confused when I first watched movies in French about the credits, so that could be useful to everyone.

Yeah I really like being on the first page of the iTunes store :D I get lots of listeners like that!
Hello, and welcome to Apprendre l'anglais.
Bonjour, et bienvenue à Apprendre l'anglais.


Ok i can help you when you want  ;)
Just ask-me some questions about french movies i'll answer you


hi all,

Personaly I'm very interesting about business vocabulary lesson.
Indeed english practice becomes more and more important in my job

That's an idea. I don't know if this subject is very important for everybody.



Hi, never a subject will be interesting for everybody but it will be useful for many people who listen to the podcast and that's important! Perhaps one day he will talk about subjects, you don't find interesting. That's life! They are all different: for beginners, intermediate and advances learners. It's good to make a proposition as like you did and he will choice. I'm quite impatient to listen to the next one!


Yeah you're right.

Next time I won't hesitate to make propositions.


Bettina's definitely right, don't ever hesitate to suggest an idea. I will try to eventually do all the ideas, and yeah, some will take longer than others, but everyone won't like every lesson! Look at the computer/video game lesson -- I'm positive some people found it pretty boring, but I know for a fact that lots of people loved it, too. Some lessons are useful for larger amounts of people, but I really do plan on covering all sorts of different topics.
Hello, and welcome to Apprendre l'anglais.
Bonjour, et bienvenue à Apprendre l'anglais.


Thomas, as I told you some time ago, I heard the podcasts when I  "work" in the garden .All your podcasts interest me. The easiest because they give me good bases, the advanced lessons to accustom me to the rhythm of  the American sentences.
I write to entertain to think in English, and speak with less difficulties.
A little remark about your French language, because I see that you aim at perfection !
red colour for the hair can't be "rouge" in French,  it is pejorative, you have to say "cheveux roux, il est roux, elle est rousse... "
If you need something for your French journey, if I can help you for investigations do'nt hesitate but I live in a little town and I am far from the world of work.... Bye Flo


Thanks for the 24th lesson. I were impatient to hear you again. I was like an orphan ! I heard this podcast on the siteWWW.... but I did'nt succeed to download  lesson 24 on ITUNEs. Perhaps it is normal. 
I have noticed that you have  already left a great part of your amercican accent. isn't it? Are you happy to be in France? Is'it like you want?
I try to learn also English every day, reading, doing exercices with "English facile.com".... perhaps I will have less hardship in speaking  in the usefull situation.
For the first time, I bought in Paris in an English bookshop a book which  the text is not arranged. It is  a bestseller called" Digging to America" written by Anne Tayler. It seems to me easy to read... I will see!!! Bye Flo


Thanks for your comments, Flo, it's good to be able to put new episodes up again! As for iTunes, did you click "obtenir" and have it not work? Also you can click "tout prendre" (I'm assuming you have iTunes in French) and it will download all episodes. I just looked at the file that iTunes uses and I believe that everything is correct, but sometimes problems are hard to find!

If you still can't get it to work, tell me what is happening and I'll try to help you more :) And good luck with your book!

As for my accent, well, I hope I'm losing it. I feel like my comprehension has "gone through the roof" (meaning "gotten a whole lot better!"), and most of the time I have no problems understanding anyone. Now I just have to improve my speaking!
Hello, and welcome to Apprendre l'anglais.
Bonjour, et bienvenue à Apprendre l'anglais.


I have succeed to recept all the last podcasts 24; 5... on ITUNES Thanks  Flo


bonjours Thomas,

je ne suis pas assez forte pour ecrire en Anglais, peut etre un jour grace a vous!
je deamrre les lecons ( j'en suis à la 10) . J'ai fait de l'anglais scolaire mais c'est assez loin.
J'ai regardé les lecons avancées et je pensais quez vous pourriez mettre le texte integral avec le podcast. Est envisageable? et même pour le vocabulaire, mettre quand même la traduction des mots les plus complexes. Je n'ai pas le niveau de ces cours mais je pense que les ecouter et les lire en même temps peut faire evoluer la comprehension .

Merci en tout cas pour vos cours. C'est sympa, rapide et ca donne envie de continuer.
A +
See you later ( ?)


Je me permets de répondre à la place de Thomas, mais je pense que ce serait assez difficile pour lui étant donné qu'il lui manque déjà pas mal de temps. Vu la longueur des leçons avancées, je ne pense vraiment pas que ce soit envisageable à moins que quelqu'un d'autre que Thomas s'en charger une fois le podcast mis en ligne.  :-\
Listen to the silence which swings at your ear...


Hello, I think a podcast about tourism will not a bad idea ???

For answer to martine, i agree with Paeleben, perhaps an other people could do it but not him.

I'm sorry for mistakes . My english scholl lessons "aren't allowed me" ( pour ce que j'en retiens ) don't mistakes.


I'll suggest a lesson comparing  different english pronunciation ("accent")  like classical english versus Texan way of speaking or with humour  : french people 's bad english prononciation.

Thanks a lot for your very impressive  podcast!

just 2 little mistake  upon hair colors.: red hair is "cheveux roux", and brown hair is "cheveux chatains"

Happy New Year, Thomas !


Welcome to the forum, sb! And thanks for the ideas -- I definitely want to compare different accents, but I have to find people with those accents first, you don't want to hear my bad impressions ;)
Hello, and welcome to Apprendre l'anglais.
Bonjour, et bienvenue à Apprendre l'anglais.