I like or I don't like...

Démarré par Joanne, 08 Mai 2009 15:20

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I like to study english
but I hate doing the dishes  :P


YOU-HOU! ::)
C'est un jeu les amis...lolll ;D
Vous êtes invités à écrire ce que vous aimez ou n'aimez pas.

Je poursuis...

I like to play accoustic guitars
But I don't like to play electric guitar

John Doe

I like my PC!

But I don't like... Huh... Nothing, I love it!  ;D
I'm no hero. Never was, never will be.


I like to listen Thomas 's podcasts
I don't like to get up too late.


I really like RED,

I can't stand ORANGE
Only connect


I like the Comédie-Française  :D

But I don't like vaudeville.  :-[
Stately, plump Buck Mulligan came from the stairhead, bearing a bowl of lather on with a mirror and a razor lay crossed.


I like to lie on the beach
But I don't like a cold, windy day


I like the rain and the sun,

but I don't like very cold and very hot weather.  :)
Only connect


I like watch TV
baut I don't like it in wekk-end


I like sleeping...but I don't like it when people snore loudly!
Hello, and welcome to Apprendre l'anglais.
Bonjour, et bienvenue à Apprendre l'anglais.


I like PARIS...but I don't like traffic jam (les bouchons)
Live and let live.


I like tv shows but I don't like waiting until September  :-[
Make the most of yourself,for that is all there is of you.


I like grammar, but I don't like the way it gets all twisted when I try to explain it to someone ! :o
Only connect


I like spring and summer
but I don't like when it's too hot.


I like to read English or I don't like write him :-[
Live and let live.