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je viens juste de m'inscrire sur ce site je veux aussi apprendre à parler anglais je cherche quelqu'un pour m'aider 

Hi Bobine, and welcome to the forum! I hope the lessons help you with speaking, if you repeat like you said you're doing that will definitly help you out. You have no problems typing English, clearly! Please post a message if you have any questions or need any help with anything, or if you have ideas for other lessons.
Hey :)

I'm Bobine (I don't tell my name too!) and I'm 30, I would like to thank you for all the work you did here... I've discover this podcast a few hours ago and I already like it very much.
I've never learned how to speak foreign languages at school (oh I got teachers and lessons of course but wasn't interested and I never tried to learn anything!) and that means I have absolutely no idea about grammar and so on. Of course I never went to some english speaking country.

Now, I think I can understand almost everything, I read lot of books and watch movies in English, but I'm still not able to say a single word, even if people say my accent is not that bad :)

Well, I've start your lessons today from the beginning (up to now from 1 to 6 and the 1st advanced) and I repeat absolutely all what you say in hope it'll help me to be more confident...

Thank you again for everything you did to help us all!
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Dernier message par kate5 - 01 Sep 2012 23:26
Un grand merci a vous pour cette idée si simple mais pourtant si utile. Sa fait des mois que je cherchais en vain des cours en audio gratuits et la je tombe sur votre site. J'ai presque faillit pas y croire .

Les cours sont très bien fait , vous parlez lentement pour la bonne compréhension et chacun se retrouve selon son niveau.  Je suis en 1er année de bst où l'anglais tient un rôle important , c'est pour sa que je m'y met sérieusement et votre site ne pouvais pas tomber mieux . Surtout que sa doit vous demander du temps donc encore merci .

Bonne continuation
Bonjours tout le monde , je cherche quelqu'un avec qui parler en anglais (un anglais d'origine si possible) et qui pourra me corriger mes fautes . Il peut parler francais et moi en anglais
J'aime la musique, les manga ,le japon, les jeux vidéo et l'informatique mais bon je peux parler de beaucoup de chose aussi donc si sa intéresse quelqu'un .

Hello everybody, I search someone to speak english ( native english) and who will correct my mistakes. He can speak in french and me english
I love music, manga, japan, video games and computers but  I can talk about a lot of things so tell me if you are  interested.
Citation de: AndrewJC le 16 Août 2012 15:27
Salut tout le monde! Je suis anglais, et je cherche une personne qui veux pratiquer francais/anglais avec moi. J'ai besoin d'un conversation, et je peux en produire pour toi aussi!

contact me if you are interested! - andrewfisher111@hotmail(dot)com


On dit plutôt une conversation (féminin).
Je suis nouveau aussi sur le forum, je parle le français aussi et je veux aussi apprendre l'Anglais,

André du Québec
je peux vous aider pour le français.
Je commence l'anglais.
See you.

I know what you mean, yes :) I have an American accent in French no matter how much I practice. But it gets better slowly!

Obviously I can only base this statement on a couple of posts, but your English seems quite good to me. It's definitely hard to keep practicing when there are fewer opportunities, but it's much easier now in 2012 than it would have been in, say, 1992 or something, thanks to the internet.
Thank you Thomas.
First of all, I hope you'll understand what I'm trying to say. In my opinion my English is pompous.

I left Ireland 3 years ago. When I came back there last March, I got trouble to understand Irish people. But I think they have a cute accent.

In Northern Ireland it sounds a bit like British to me compared to the South. The parents of the family I lived with weren't from the same place. The mother was from Belfast whereas the father was from Dublin. They didn't speak alike.
It's funny to hear how they pronounce the words like "now" or the "th".

I came back from California last January. Today I do practice and know American English better. The vocabulary I use is mostly American.
I have to work a lot to keep my English up to date. According to my friends there, I'm fluent (not sure if it's true) but I can feel it's harder to speak I'm not in this social environment. Do I say right? Do you know what I mean? Any way, I can't help speaking with my French accent. It's funny because I don't like it but American people do.