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Questions (Les Questions) / Re : Lesson Interview 01 - Inc...
Dernier message par nongprue - 10 Juil 2012 09:28
Hello thomas,
                     I forgot that you were citizen U.S .
Here is the trouble :
They say that we should learn English . Yes but which ?
I have learnt on two websites . When our level is tested if we type " i " instead of " I "
the new mark is " 0 " .
I started from scratch learning assiduously  basic English grammar and often
we are taught of american words.
Well, it is already so difficult to learn English UK , imagine us revising English rules,
English words, and the same things about american. It is really confusing.
I decided to learn the language internationally recognized because I live abroad,
but now I realize having studied for nothing.
There are so many ways to speak this foreign language and even that of the internet.
OK! OK ! I'm very sorry but I thought that being in learning we ought  adopt the good habits.
My question Thomas is below :
What do we really learn from English ? Try to put in place of the laymen !
Excuse me again for having overreacted.
regards. you're very nice.
General Discussion (La Discussion Générale) / Re: Driving license
Dernier message par Thomas - 06 Juil 2012 19:44
Good to hear, that really didn't take long at all!

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Actually I have now a new driving license. It was a piece of cake (I don't remember the lesson #...).
Now I'm reassured about driving in the USA.

We say in French "pas d'embrouilles avec la police..."



General Discussion (La Discussion Générale) / Re: Driving license
Dernier message par Thomas - 27 Juin 2012 14:54
Haha, yes, exactly.
So I have to be careful for not having the opposite result ...
Martin Circus

(sorry, it's for Frenchies only ; a clue : google "triangle groupe").
I'm glad it's going to be less complicated for you, that should make your vacation easier.

As for the speeding, most people here do speed, usually 5-10 mph over the limit. I find that for me, driving in Europe always makes me go slower, because I see the speed at say 110 or 115, of course, I forget that it's kilometers instead of miles, so my mind goes "wow, I'm going too fast, I should slow down" :P
General Discussion (La Discussion Générale) / Re : recherche
Dernier message par fabrou - 24 Juin 2012 18:31
Edition Langues pour tous a des romans bilingues (de Conan Doyle ou EA Poe par exemple). Page de gauche en français et droite en anglais.