Juste un énorme Merci ... Mais pas juste

Démarré par bladerunner, 12 Nov 2008 21:50

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Dear Thomas ,
Thanks a lot  . I just discovered your podcast yesterday and i listened 9 lessons .
you are a wonderful teacher .


John Doe

I'm no hero. Never was, never will be.


I agree too,mille merci Thomas, vous nous apportez beaucoup.



I just suscribed to the forum, and I listened to the advanced lessons.
well, a Big Thanks to thomas, I really love to listen some natural english, and it's usefull to learn some vocabulary too!

I read a lot of english, but I know that my method to learn english lack of practice, so I went here to 'speak' in english...

I hope I'll improve my english here, and I think it'll works !

see you later! :)



oui pas juste merci ce serai trop bref alors je rajoute un enorme enorme merc a thomas de France