What a good idea Thomas !

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Hello dear Thomas,

First let me introduce myself, im Marouane, im 27 years old {just like you :)} and im from Morocco.

I'd like to tell you the story how i discovered your podcasts :

Last week when i was in my office, i didn't have very much tasks to do so, i tried for the first time the podcasting option on my mobile phone (Nokia N95 8GB), after some minutes, i found the title "apprendre l'anglais", i was really curious because i didn't know giving english courses can be done this way and especially for free :) i started listening the first biginning lesson and i really enjoyed my time even if i studied english already for six years in a specialised school, my joy becomes bigger after listening to some advanced courses (i've the advanced level).

I don't know if you've heard about Rabat, Morocco's capital, im from there but i work in Casablanca which is a city that's one hundred kilometers far, i take the train everyday so during the traveling i listen to some lessons and i really enjoy.
Sometimes before sleeping i do it also because i love languages, as i told you i studied english for 6 years after that i studied spanish for another 6 years, so thing started to be mixed in my head a little bit, but when i listened to your podcasts i recovered english so easily and automatically and for that reason i thank you for your efforts and may God helps you in your business.

As im a great fan of mangas, i started learning japaneese also, it's a very interesting language too, im a biginner level so hope getting some fluency on it by the time and good luck to you with chineese ;)

I don't know i you have time to read my mail but if i could suggest you one interesting subject : the spelling errors, i choose it because many people nowadays write message texts or mails with a lot of mistakes etc so day after day they loose the ability to write correctly, and it can be more dangerous for children because of their delicate age and they get used to it so easily.

Alright now, i'm done but hope you didn't get annoyed by my long mail, so, wish you to be always motivated, just like the olders podcasts.

Have a nice day my friend.