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Démarré par Maamar, 19 Juin 2012 11:42

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Dear Thomas,
I started with podcasts last week and I am very happy because It's the fisrt and unique way for me to learn english in my car and when I am walking.
I think that my english is intermediate but I was suprise to discover lot off things, specialy with the voc.
However, for me, I would like to improve my speaking and my listening! Is it possible to propose an interactive communication with the french and english mother tong people ? For instance, via you web site, I virtualy sell one hour in french and should receive one hour english!
What do you think ? Or, maybe, you already have an other idea ?
I look forward to hearing from you soon

Bravooooooooo for your help


Hello Maamar, and welcome to the forums!

I'm glad that the podcasts are helpful for you. You said you discovered a lot of things, and that's what I hope to do with this style of lesson, since it's different than the book lessons many people have studied in the past or in school.

I don't personally do any sort of speaking practice at the moment, but I would highly recommend for that, it's free and you can find someone who speaks English and is learning French to practice with. There are lots of members on there and most people are able to find someone to work with fairly easily.
Hello, and welcome to Apprendre l'anglais.
Bonjour, et bienvenue à Apprendre l'anglais.


Hello Thomas,
I am back to Anglais pod web site and I have seen your answer... Oh, many thanks, you definitely are my main English coach and as you said in the expression lesson: you make my day  :D Hope hear you soon
Have a nice day