Have been + ing and Have + en

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Hi everyone !

I'm a new member and I first wanted  to congratulate (and thank)Thomas for his work. I found them on iTunes and for English students it's a real pleasure.

Just as I (almost) said upper, I'm an English student at College and I'm not very good at grammar. I know it's hard for a real American to explain some points but I've a real probem with "Have been + ing" and "Have + en".IFor example :I've been reading a book for 2 hours. or I've read a book (but I don't know if I have to add something else behind and in what case wwe have to use them.)

Can you help me ?
Thank you all


I've been reading a book for 2 hours.
I've read a book.

This one is easier than you think!

"I've been reading a book for 2 hours" means that right now, I am still reading that book.
"I've read a book" means that at some point in the past, I read a book, but it doesn't say anything about what I'm doing right now.

The "have + past participle" form of English indicates whether or not the subject "has the experience" of doing that action or not. But in comparison to "have + been + -ing", it's easy. One says that the action is continuing right now, and the other says that the action was in the past.
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