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Démarré par slidertrilogy, 21 Avr 2008 10:21

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comment traduit-on l`expression je suis mal barre en anglais


I did some research for you and I found several expressions but with several translations in French :
To be stuffed -> Être bourré

To be up the creek -> Être en haut du ruisseau

To be in big trouble -> Être dans un grand ennui

But the last expression is suitable for the use, and perhaps it's the equivalent in French because in France "être mal barré" means that you are in a bad situation, for example you have an exam and you didn't revise, so you can't make the exam.

Do you understand ?
Perhaps, it's not the expression in English but I believe that it's the good expression.

I saw in my dictionary the word "barrer" and there is "on est mal barrés" and in english it's "things don't look good !". So, perhaps the expression "to be in big trouble" it's not the good expression. But I think that it's the good. It may have 2 expressions.

I hope that I succedded to help you.
Bye !  ;)


you can use :
To be in the soup > être dans le pétrin