"It's", "that's" or "this is"

Démarré par jim971, 13 Mai 2008 12:33

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Sometimes I don't know when I've to use "It's", "that's" or "this is"!
Could you help me?

Thank in advance guys


hello it's same in french ,that's different so some words .

in french :
that's  =  ceci , cela est
this is  =  ce , cette est
it's  =   il est  bien sur pour signifier un objet , une chose
also i hope that help you 
until next time  laurent  :-*


Sorry dude, but "it's" or "that's" not so easy! Look at these examples:

this is tiring
this costs at least 20 pounds
it's also hard not to mix up the "G" and "J"