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Translation matter

Démarré par UncleBenS, 16 Mai 2008 22:41

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Hello everybody !!!

My name is Ben, I'm from Marseille in France. I'm 26 and I want to perform my english !

I'm a smoker and this morning, when I wanted to smoke a cigarette, I searched my lighter ... Oh my god, No lighter in my pocket !!! S#!t !!!
I went to my friend and I was like (podcast exp n° 3) : "can you loan your lighter please ???"
he said that "loan" is not correct because loan is used to le money !!! But he can't tell me a correct sentence !
Could you help me please ?
sentence : "Peux tu me prêter ton briquet s'il te plaît ?"

i.e. Thanks Thomas for your wonder podcast  ;)
i.e.2 : I'm sorry for my mistakes in English !!!

Mister Butters

I think the right sentence would be "Can I borrowyour lighter ?"

or "Could you lend me your lighter ?"



Hi Mister Butters,

Thanks for your answer.  ;)


Mister Butters


I'm not sure, but i think that "check" is good too