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and me or and I ?

Démarré par mamour, 27 Mar 2009 17:10

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I noticed in few tv shows they say for example Roxie "and I" or she "and I".....Why "not and me" which means moi.No? ???
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Ok, here's the correct answer:

It depends on the context. You choose "I" if it is the subject of the sentence, and "me" if it is the object of a verb, preposition, etc. For example...

My friend and I are going to see a movie tonight.
David wants to talk to you and me.

Basically, if you take away the second person, ask which one you would use -- those two sentences become...

I am going to see a movie tonight. (thus "my friend and I")
David wants to talk to me. (thus "you and me")

And here's the problem:

Americans don't understand grammar, and make many mistakes in English. It is incredibly (and I mean incredibly) common to hear sentences that start with "Me and..." such as "Me and her are going to a movie." This is incorrect. English teachers have been trying to fight this for years and years. They tell people to say "She and I are going..." instead of "Me and her are going..." But because Americans do not understand grammar, they assume that anytime you have "and [I or me]" that the correct version is "I", which is, unfortunately, wrong. The real rule depends, as you saw above, on the function of the word. So in the end, you have people incorrectly using "I" with sentences such as "Are you going to the movie with David and I?" This use of the word indicates that the person is attempting to be correct, but just does not understand the entire rule.

Hope that helps! :)
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yes sure Thanks to you.In French we have the same problem with "moi".The rule is to put moi in second.A lot people using Moi et elle instead Elle et moi, moi et Sarah...The Grammar is not easy in English or in French  ;D
Make the most of yourself,for that is all there is of you.