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si vous voulez mieux comprendre l'anglais (prononciation...), ecoutez des films et des emissions genre mtv diary... c'est assez "moderne" comme language et moi entout cas je comprend mieux depuis que je le fait


Hi Thomas and all users,

I just discover your podcast with my favorite multimedia player I tunes of course ;)

I stop english listenning for a long period (after my last year at school)   :'(  but i like read a lot of text in english
on the net - i understand the principal contain... I try to return at a technical school to learn a new work and if i can do this i must progress in english. This school is based at Tours so i see u Thomas studies in this beautiful town  ;D

I applaud u Thomas to do this work for all users because i think it take a lot of your free time to do this !!!!

So i say to u in french : Un grand merçi et longue vie à ton podcast !!!


Bonjour,Thomas moi c'est naima d'Algérie :)j'ai adoré ton podcast sur les verbes irreguliers.j'espere qu'il y'aura d'autres leçons avancées.
je tiens à te remercier pour tes efforts fournis pour la langue Française et Anglaise.au fait je parle l'Arabe;français et j'apprend l'anglais à travers tes podcasts;bonne continuité et la prochaine. :-*


Hi Thomas and everybody there. I have listened and very appreciated all your podcasts and now I am discovering your forum and once again it looks very nice!
I would like to thank you for all your work for us and to give us so usefull lessons and english expressions.
I hope that with you and maybe all people here I will improve my English!!!!!
I'm waiting for your next Podcast.
So, Bye bye and see you soon


But...where is Thomas ??   ???
I (and we, I think) wait his podcasts !!!


Thomas is in France for his french master!!maybe he's very busy for his exams :-\
Make the most of yourself,for that is all there is of you.


Oh...yeah...ok...I didn't know.
So, yes it's understandable !


Qui a eu des nouvelles de Thomas ?

John Doe

Sur son Twitter il dit qu'il y aura bientôt un nouvel épisode. ;)
I'm no hero. Never was, never will be.



Demande de précisions sur le message ci-dessous du 22.05.08

      "Sur son Twitter il dit qu'il y aura bientôt un nouvel épisode."

C'est quoi son TWITTER et où le trouve-t-on ?  ???
Excusez je suis débutant
Merci d'avance pour la réponse
Bonne journée



go to "general discution" and "wanted".John doe explains everything!!
Make the most of yourself,for that is all there is of you.


Hello Thomas
I'm a new member I discovered the website "apprendre l'anglais" and your podcast few days ago, and I really want to thank you even that I know that I'm not the first. But thank you for the podcasts, they are so useful for me. I was looking for some English courses places close to my house, on internet and fortunately I 've found your website. I had several teacher to learn English and you are really the best. Congratulations ! I know that a lot of people have congratulated you but the thing I wanted to add is : when you make the website when you tape the podcast and everythings around the site, you give a lot of time without asking anything and that is for me really kind of you. I 'm sure that you need encouragement and I hope that my message gives you some.
Bye bye



Thanks for the message! I really do appreciate every message that I get, and I am of course always happy when someone new finds the podcast and joins the forum :) Hopefully the podcast will continue to be useful for you, I think you will find more and more things here the more time you spend, and on the forum especially, there are plenty of opportunities to practice and learn.

And of course, encouragement is always always appreciated!
Hello, and welcome to Apprendre l'anglais.
Bonjour, et bienvenue à Apprendre l'anglais.


I have just discovered the pdocast "apprendre l'anglais, and like a lot of people I want to thanks your very much, for the podcast, the wesite with show notes, forum... I have learn english at school a long time ago, and I need to learn more more more !!! And this podcast seems to be very easy to listen, to understand..and I really like your accent.
I go on holidays in san francisco in few weeks, so I 'm going to learn a lot of lessons since these holidays. Thank you very much.