Le Newsletter d'AnglaisPod, c'est quoi, vous voulez savoir? Tout simplement, c'est une autre façon pour travailler votre anglais. Chaque édition a plusieurs choses, y compris des nouvelles au sujet du site ou du podcast, des nouveaux liens (s'il y en a), une déscription des épisodes récents, et le truc le plus important, la "Culture Note." Cette partie parle de la culture américaine, de n'importe quel sujet, et c'est une bonne façon d'en apprendre un peu. Le Newsletter entier est écrit en anglais, alors c'est une bonne méthode pour pratiquer. De temps en temps, s'il y a un mot difficile ou une expression bizarre, je mettrai une petite explication en français, aussi.

En voici un exemple:

AnglaisPod Newsletter
1 April 2008

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I've noticed in the statistics several new listeners from Belgium, so welcome to all of you!

Recent Episodes:
Advanced Lesson 009

Today is April Fool's Day in America, so we discuss that some. There's also a short comparison between American and British English and some information about tipping in America.

New Links:
https://www.anglais-gratuit.com/ -- Note, this is different from anglais-gratuit.fr that I had before! They have resources, tips, games, audio, video, modules, and exercises (submitted by Benoit). To get complete access you need a "gold account" which is free to sign up for. There are a few resources on the site that do not require an account, but most of the contents requires the free registration.

Culture Notes:
In about two weeks it will be tax day in America. This usually falls on April 15, and is a day that many Americans dread! Tax day is the last day that you have to send in your income taxes to the government. Working a job in America, the government automatically takes out a certain amount of your paycheck in what is called "income tax", income being the money you earn at your job. However, the amount they automatically take out is based on a form you fill out when you start your job, and sometimes when you're filling out this form you don't know everything necessary, or you might even make a mistake. Also, throughout the year you may have become eligible for tax deductions. Tax deductions are certain ways you can spend money, such as donating to some charities or paying for certain expenses, such as books for college, and they reduce the amount of taxes you pay, so many people take advantage of this. Because of all these things, the amount of taxes that the government automatically takes out is incorrect for many people, so everyone has to go through a big mess of paperwork (though it can be done electronically as well) and calculations in order to find out if they paid the correct amount or not, and if not, they have to send money to the government. However, if they paid too much money, the government will send them money back! April 15 is the deadline for sending in your taxes, meaning that it is the last day you can do it. If you don't, the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) will cause you problems!

Another note about taxes -- in France, sales tax (the VAT) is automatically included in most prices, at least from what I've seen. So if you are at the store and an item says €5, it costs exactly €5. However, in America, tax is not automatically included in the price, so it actually costs a little more than what you see! The reason for this is because sales tax is different everywhere, depending on what state and city you live in, sometimes what county as well. For example, in Alabama the sales tax is 8%, so a $1 item costs $1.08, but in Indiana it is only 6%, so a $1 item would only be $1.06 -- just make sure that you have enough money to cover the tax! It's not much, but it can make a difference, especially for more expensive items.

That's it for this edition of the AnglaisPod Newsletter -- thanks for subscribing! And welcome to all the new subscribers, as well.

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