This is an advertisement for a regional newspaper in Tours, La Nouvelle République. Unfortunately there are a couple of trees blocking it, but you can still see most of the picture. At first, I thought it was strange to see an advertisement for a newspaper, but then I realized that because there are so many people who use the internet for the news (such as myself), newspapers want to make themselves seem exciting. You can read the French in the ad and see that one goal of the ad is to get people to buy a newspaper on Sundays. An ad for the regular paper might focus on business or politics, so some people might think it's not necessary to buy it, because it's always the same. But this ad focuses on sports and leisure (you can read the French) and says that on Sunday, the newspaper is different and more exciting, so you should buy it.

Check out: La Nouvelle République

And for the record, I did buy one after taking this picture.